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If you are looking for the true sounds of Honky Tonk:  "look no further than Jeff Smithart. He is one of the best. One listen to him and I know you will agree that Jeff has what it takes to keep you on the dance floor and keep you listening. ”

- Gaylon King Program Director/On Air Personality/CMA Of Texas DJ Hall Of Fame, Texas Pride Radio (Jul 01, 2012) 


“People throw the term 'traditional' around pretty loosely these days. In country music, it's not always about the melodies or the lyrics or even the instrumentation that makes it something you can consider traditional. Often it's just the feel of the performance, and sometimes it's just the vocals. Jeff Smithart's REDNECK PROUD project isn't trying to land in some throw-back genre. This release isn't designed to take you down some Hank Williams memory lane. Instead, Smithart's album is contemporary writing with expected instrumentation, but there's a huge, wonderful added bonus. Smithart's voice lends a traditional aspect to the music. His voice is comfortable to new audiences and nostalgic listeners alike. I believe this is why this album will be quite successful for Smithart. If Smithart can support the album with the right tour support, you will soon see him make a great impact on the Texas country music scene. Jeff Smithart REDNECK PROUD ©2011 Tate Music Grou”
- Review by Lucky Boyd Co-Founder,  Album Review (Apr 04, 2012) 


“ The Texas native says he “draws no boundaries with his blend of Texas, Nashville, Southern Rock, and Honkytonk music in his all encompassing trademark style of Redneck Country” and he sure seems proud of his redneckness. Six of the songs are the singer's own and they tend to be straight ahead country and very good. I particularly liked There's A Ring, which referred to the pale band that is left when you remove your wedding ring, the two-steppin' It's All Over, the excellent cautionary tale, She Can Forgive (“but she can't forget”), and My Lady's All Over Me. I'd made up my mind that by far the best track is the gentle and tuneful I Knew before I'd even checked the writing credits and was pleasantly surprised to see our very own Jon Philibert listed with Sue Bennett and Bob Davidson. A valiant indie release, with many enjoyable moments, and hopefully, because of the delay in releasing it there will be another one not too far behind. Duncan Warwick”
- Doncan Warwick, Country Music People (Mar 01, 2012) 


“Jeff Smithart is the personification of the title of his debut album,"Redneck Proud" Smithart backs up the image with the talent and performance chops to hold an audience. His voice wraps itself around song lyrics in all the right places.”
- Penny Rathburn, The Star Journal (Jul 17, 2008) 

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